‘Boosting your Immunity this Winter’

 Important information regarding our flu clinics


This year the Vine Medical Centre will be co-administrating flu vaccines with covid-19 boosters.

The surgery is currently preparing for a busy flu season so please await further guidance on when you will be invited.

Please do not rush, wait to book, and make your appointment with the surgery.


How will this work?

If you are eligible you will be invited for both a covid-19 vaccine and a flu vaccine. These vaccines will take place at the same time. If you are only eligible for one, you shall be invited accordingly.


What covid-19 vaccine will it be? (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca etc.)

We have received confirmation that it will be the Pfizer vaccine. A covid-19 booster is considered to be the third dose.


Who will be invited?

Influenza eligibility will work as in previous years. For more information please visit: Flu Eligibility
The covid-19 boosters will be administered according to stages. For more information on which stage you fall into please visit: Covid-19 Booster Eligibility


When will I be invited?

The Vine Medical Centre will prioritise those most vulnerable. Stage 1 patients will be invited for vaccines followed by Stage 2 patients. For patients that are older than 16 years of age, you will be offered an appointment for a Saturday morning throughout September, October, and November.


How will I be invited?

We will be in touch shortly either via letter, email or text. Please look out for communication; there is no need to contact the surgery until we provide you with a booking option.


How will the clinics work?

We shall operate clinics just as we did during the original covid-19 vaccine scheme. Patients must book an appointment and attend the surgery wearing a mask. Due to limited parking, we cannot offer patient parking on site.


What about patients aged 2-15 years of age?

Pre-school children aged 2 or 3 years (on 31 August 2021) will be vaccinated at their general practice. These patients will be invited to attend the surgery during normal opening hours for a booked nurse appointment. Children aged 4 to 15 years will be vaccinated at school.


What about shingles and pneumococcal vaccinations?

In the past shingles and pneumococcal vaccinations are delivered during flu clinics. Unfortunately this year the surgery cannot provide shingles and pneumococcal vaccinations at the time of flu and covid-19 administration. Please contact the surgery to book a separate 10-minute nurse consultation for this to be provided.