Patient Participation Group (PPG)

As a practice we believe strongly in the concept of active patient participation. The Vine's PPG supports a system of health professionals and patient representatives working together for the good of all.

a) Aims of the Vine’s PPG

  • Provide support and assistance to the practice, in terms of health provision, service development and maintaining/ developing the premises.
  • Act as a conduit to express patient views to the surgery and surgery matters to the patients.
  • Assist the surgery in interpreting patient feedback, identifying priorities and implementing possible changes to the benefit of all.
  • Work with the practice to develop and achieve the Commissioning agenda
  • Develop links with other PPG groups in the area, via the local GP Commissioning Group and PCT.


b) Terms of Reference

  • The group will have a maximum membership of 12 patients at any one time, with a turnover of 1/3 (i.e. 4 people) every 2 years.
  • The Chairperson will be an elected post with re-elections held annually.
  • The group will also elect a CCG representative with re-elections to be held annually.
  • At least one member of the VMC Partnership to attend the meetings.
  • Administrative support to be provided the VMC staff.
  • Premises for meetings to be provided by the VMC.
  • The group will meet a minimum of four times a year.
  • The quorum for any group meeting is five, out of which three members must be patients.
  • PPG information including minutes of the meetings, terms of reference to be made available to all patients of the VMC.