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by Anonymous gave The Vine Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Incredible care

Amazing care given to me after a stay in hospital recently left me with a lot of physical, emotional and mental health problems. Speaking to the same doctor for regular check ups, she has given me time, advice and support that has been above and beyond to get me on the road to recovery. The admin has been great too!
Really grateful for such a caring surgery, especially in these difficult times. Thankyou!

Visited in February 2021, Posted on 18 February 2021

by The Earls gave The Vine Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Good Service

Both my husband and I attended flu vaccine on sat. 3rd and were really impressed with the way it was so very well organised. I was expecting to see long line of people outside, but no we were dealt with straight away, hands sanitized on the way in, given coloured card as to which doctor we were to see, called through when it was clear and safe to do so. Everyone worked so hard, well done to all of you.

Visited in October 2020, Posted on 03 October 2020

by G Eggleton gave The Vine Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Very speedy service

Phoned surgery on Tuesday morning I was passing blood in urine Doctor phoned me at about 9.00am explained symptoms given an appointment at 11.30 Blood test done . Next day hospital phoned with ultrasound appointment Wednesday afternoon 5pm GP phoned to say it was an infection Very impressed with speed of results The NHS works when it’s an emergency Thank you all so much

Visited in April 2020, Posted on 29 April 2020

by Anonymous gave The Vine Medical Centre a rating of 2 stars

Great Doctors, but you can barely ever see them

We have been with this practice for around 3 years now since we moved to Maidstone. Every time we have managed to see a doctor (May be 4 times in 3 years for 2 of us), the experience has been good. However, it is almost impossible to book an appointment unless you are booking one 3-4 weeks in advance for something routine or not critical. I don’t want to leave specifics in this review as I won’t rule out getting profiled on our next attempted visit (unless the email left on next page is used for profiling), but we have been trying to book an appointment for a while now without much luck. The App does not have appointments available, not before 3 weeks, if you call at 8:10 in the morning, the number is usually busy for a long time, if you call at 10:30 you are told there are no more appointments left so to call after 2 when ‘Manager’ releases new appointments. On a Wednesday we are told there are appointments available for next Monday but can’t be booked unless we call on the Friday. I can image the practice being busy, and no complains about that, but I find this appointment booking process extremely random and every time you call you get fresh set of information about why the appointment can’t be booked. The only time we have managed to book appointments with doctors successfully have been via the App, 3 weeks in advance when we had a condition that could wait. Good doctors, decent infrastructure at the practice, clean and spacious, massively let down by its availability and appointment booking system. I think it’s time we look elsewhere (not that Vine Medical would care).

Visited in February 2020, Posted on 25 February 2020