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The practice nurse offers appointments:

Monday 8.10am - 5.50pm
Tuesday 8.10am - 5.50pm
Wednesday 8.10am - 5.50pm
Thursday 8.10am - 5.50pm
Friday 8.10am - 5.50pm

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Health Visitor

Health Visitor information pack.


Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:


nurse clinics

Antenatal Clinic

  • Held by: Charlotte Beaumont-McAllen
  • Opening Times: Tuesday PM & Wednesday AM & PM

If you need to contact the midwife at any other time please call Maidstone Birthing Centre on 01622 220160 / 220161
Ideally the midwife will meet you between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, with your partner if you have one, for a booking in appointment. This appointment takes up to an hour and is really important time for us to get to know each other and to plan the best type of maternity care for you and your baby.

You can access the online maternity self referral booking form here

We will then see you regularly during your pregnancy to check that your baby is growing well and to make sure you are not developing any pregnancy related problems. We will also visit you at home for up to 28 days after the baby arrives (we will discharge you when you are feeling confident with your new baby). we do not normally attend hospital births but we do attend homebirths (we share the on-call rota with the other midwives in the Maidstone team).

We are very happy to support you in planning for a home birth, even if this is your first baby, if everything seems to be normal. Many women nowadays choose to have their babies at home because this can be a wonderful experience.

Research has shown that a homebirth is as safe as a hospital birth, and may be even safer. You are less likely to need a caesarean section or other medical intervention if you plan to have a homebirth and your labour may well be quicker and less painful.

If you are interested we can put you in touch with someone locally who has had a homebirth. It is also worth exploring the following website:  for lots of lovely birth stories and ideas.

Of course you may have your baby in hospital as well! Up until 21st September 2011 we will deliver at Maidstone. After this date low risk deliveries will take place in the Stand Alone Midwifery Birth Centre at Maidstone Hospital. All other deliveries will take place at Pembury Hospital. Antenatal clinics and scans are still held at Maidstone Hospital for all women.

Remember that a baby is normally born sometime between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. It is very unlikely to come on your due date! Induction of labour is 14 days after your due date.

Contact details for your Midwife

Community midwives Office (Mon-Fri 8-4) 01892 638158
The Vine Medical Centre (Wed) 01622 754 898
Midwifes will do all First ante natal bookings. .  
If you need to talk to a midwife urgently, call the labour ward 01622 224160


Appointments normally take 15 minutes. We try to give you enough time to discuss anything that’s concerning you, not just to do a physical check. This means that sometimes we run a bit late; if so please be patient as we are probably with someone who needs some extra time.


We have many research based leaflets on all aspects of pregnancy and birth – just ask. The internet is an excellent source of information. We are happy to recommend the following websites as reliable and helpful: (15 excellent research based leaflets on pregnancy and birth) (helps you choose where to have your baby and lots more0 (specialist advice on maternity rights and benefits) (site designed by midwives for midwives and women) (National Childbirth Trust) (information about active births and waterbirths) (research, stories and information about homebirth)

We look forward to getting to know you over the next few months. Please phone us if you have any worries or questions.


travel clinic

Travel Clinic

For up-to-date information on vaccinations which may be required for your destination, information can be obtained from or ring the MASTA Travellers Helpline on 09068 224100 (a service validated by the London School of Tropical Medicine); a charge will be made. In order to allow time for full vaccination courses you should make an appointment with the practice nurse at least six weeks before travel - she will also be able to offer advice on precautions you should take to ensure a happy holiday.



For more information about our clinics please visit our Who Do I See? page